Communication Skills and Personal Development

This two day course is for anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal skills and personal development both of which can increase the efficacy of relationships in and out of the workplace through self-awareness and awareness of others.

Day one is predominantly on communication and barriers to. Communication exercise to highlight how important effective skills are in helping relationships. This is done in groups of three and always brings some surprises to participants. We will look at a poem called ‘Please Listen’ very fitting for any one working with people. Barriers to communication are often not recognised because people lack self-awareness occasionally so these will be discussed before delving into communication skills and then a practice session using them. This will be observed and feedback given by peer and presenter. Participants will be asked for feedback on their day.

Day two is still weighted in communication but has personal development at its core. There is a Personal Development carried out as a group exercise. Values and beliefs can be a barrier to communication depending on what they are and who we are listening to so we will explore how this can be overcome when brought into awareness.

Listening and communications skills practice with feedback from peers and presenter.
Check out and feedback to presenter. I will provide a feedback form, the findings of which will be made available.

Days one and two will be carried out one week apart.