Counselling Concepts ABC Certificate – Level 2 (10 weeks)

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This ABC level 2 counselling concepts course is ideal for anyone who wants to start training as a counsellor or develop personal and communicative skills in life, relationships, or the workplace.

There are no basic qualifications for entry, but all of our courses require an interview to ensure that students understand the nature of the course and the level of commitment that it requires.

You will cover 3 units which are:

  • The professional context of counselling [Y/601/7299]
  • Communication skills in helping relationships [F/601/7300]
  • An introduction to personal development [J/601/7301]

This course is assessed through the writing of a journal each week (approximately 500 words) and three 1500 word assignments, one for each unit taken. There is also a practical element which requires a 500 word reflection on what it was like for you.

Students can progress onto the Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills but is not automatic.

Course fees: £350 plus £29 for certification and registration depending on successful completion. All courses are internally and externally moderated (external is moderated by ABC) to ensure a high standard of teaching learning and assessing.

Please note, you must be at least 18 before you start this course. The core text for this course is First Steps in Counselling by Peter Sanders and Counselling Skills and Theory by Margaret Hough.

10 weeks long. There will be a break for half term.

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